The Song and Tune Catalogue

This is a web-based version of Svenskt visarkiv's Song and Tune Catalogue. In this database, you can find almost 200,000 occurences of songs and tunes from printed publications – ranging from the songbooks of 16th century nobility to contemporary songs and pop tunes.

With help of this web service tool, you, as a visitor, can look for songs and tunes. Please note that a large part of our material is copyright protected and you, therefore, must either, come to the archive and copy it for your own use, or order it through a local library where you can then pick it up. Only if the material is not under copyright can we send a copy directly to you.

If you're interested in other web catalogues from Svenskt visarkiv, please go to the overview.

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If your search produces a list of results, you can click on the title to see more about the song or tune.

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