About the Material

This web presentation includes material from more than 400 transcribers and more than 2000 musicians and singers with about 30,000 scanned images. In many cases the images are of a spread (two pages), so the total number of pages is at least 45,000. The total number of tunes and songs is much more.

Here is a short introduction to the activities of Folkmusikkommissionen [The Folk Music Commission] and then short introductions to the two types of material in this web presentation – transcriptions and tune books.

There is also a presentation of how this web presentation of the material has been carried out.

If you want to read more about The Folk Music Commission's collections and its work we recommend the following books and article:

In English:

  • Lundberg, Dan 2015. "Archives as Applied Ethnomusicology." In Pettan, Svanibor & Titon, Jeff: The Oxford handbook of Applied Ethnomusicology. New York (borrow)

In Swedish:

  • Andersson, Olof 1963. Hur Svenska låtar kom till. En brevväxling mellan Nils och Olof Andersson. Stockholm. (borrow)
  • Boström, Mathias 2006. "Folkmusikkommissionens verksamhet och arkiv – en översikt och vägledning." Dokumenterat 37 (download)
  • Boström, Mathias, Dan Lundberg & Märta Ramsten (red.) 2010. Det stora uppdraget. Perspektiv på Folkmusikkommissionen i Sverige 1908–2008. Stockholm. (borrow)
  • Gustafsson, Magnus 2005. Notbok efter Petter Dufva! med notskrift av Bent Hansen och kommentarer av Magnus Gustafsson. Växjö. (borrow)
  • Gustafsson, Magnus 2016. Polskans historia. En studie i melodityper med utgångspunkt i Petter Dufvas notbok. Lund. (download or borrow)

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