About the web presentation

The government body The Swedish National Collections of Music ran a project in 2002–2005, with support from The Swedish Foundation for Humanities and Social Sciences, where parts of the rare collections of the agency were digitised in order to ensure their long-term preservation and improve the accessibility. Concerning traditional music, the collections of highest priority was collection of Folkmusikkommissionen and music books of the former Stockholm Music Museum, which are presented here. Another example is the collections of the classical composer J. H. Roman.

Folkmusikkommissionen's and the former Music Museum's material is sought after, and the indexing has made the material searchable in previously unknown ways, while there is less need to work with the originals, which is good for their preservation. In order to make this material accessible to a larger audience, this web presentation was developed with support from Access funds from the Swedish Arts Council 2006–2007.

The web presentation was released on 15 October 2007, 99 years after the formation of Folkmusikkommissionen, and was migrated to a different platform in 2019.

A project as large as this is never quite finished. Corrections and modifications will be made continuously, and it is our hope that the users will send any errors or comments about the web presentation (to visarkivet@musikverket.se) so that we can improve it.

The Extent of the Web Presentation and Plans for the Future

This web presentation contains most of the material in Folkmusikkommissionen's collections, the material which formed the base for the publishing of Svenska låtar and Folkliga svenska koralmelodier från Gammalsvenskby och Estland. The digitised volumes mostly consist of handwritten music, but in many cases also letters and notes related to the material. In the commission's collections there is also some music material not included here: clean copies of the tunes selected for publishing (section IIb in Fmk's archive) and some transcriptions made by Nils Andersson for Skånska landsmålsföreningen in Lund (section III in Fmk's archive). The music books from the former Stockholm Music Museum's other traditional music collections are also included in this web presentation.

In the archives of the institutions that make up the Swedish Performing Arts Agency – Svenskt visarkiv [The Centre for Swedish Folk Music and Jazz Research] and The Music and Theatre Library of Sweden – there are large amounts of similar material which is not yet published. It is our hope to eventually be able to make this material accessible too. This web presentation could also work as a platform for making similar material from other collections accessible too, where there would be the advantage of a common portal. Those interested are requested to contact Svenskt visarkiv.

Project Staff

  • Project leaders: Ulrika Gunnarsson, Henrik Norbeck, Susanne Haglund, Dan Lundberg
  • Web programming, systematisation and design: Henrik Norbeck
  • Migrating the database to the X-ref platform (2019): Lena Drake
  • Scanning: Pekka Untovuori, David Jansson
  • Scanning Control: Ulrika Gunnarsson, Susanne Haglund, Anders Löfberg, Henrik Norbeck
  • Indexing: Ulrika Gunnarsson, Jörgen Adolfsson, Henrik Norbeck, Anders Löfberg
  • Indexing Control: Henrik Norbeck
  • Texts: Mathias Boström
  • Text editor (2019): Dan Lundberg
  • External Advisor: Magnus Gustafsson, Musik i Syd
  • Publisher: Gerhard Kunosson

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