Karl Tirén's phonograph recordings of joik

Between 1913 and 1915 Karl Tirén (1869-1955) recorded around a hundred Sami joikers on around 300 wax phonograph rolls. These early recordings of joik are today at Svenskt visarkiv, apart from a small number at the Institute for Language and Folklore. All known rolls are found in the catalogue of Tirén's phonograph recordings of joik. The catalogue is part of a web presentation, started in conjunction with the centennial jubilee of Tirén's recording activities in 1913, in which the phonograph rolls with joik are gradually made available.

In this catalogue you can make a "simple search" for information on phonograph recordings of joikers from 1913 to 1915 or leaf through the entire catalogue.

Free text search:

If your search results in a list of hits you can click on the accession number for more information.

You can sort your list of hits according to:

  • the names of participants
  • the domiciles of participants (Sameby*/parish)
  • the contents of recordings
  • dates of recordings
  • the place where documented ("spelplats" in the catalogue)
  • the accession numbers of recordings in the collections

The catalogue entries are in Swedish only. If you have any questions on the contents, contact Svenskt visarkiv. For more information on participants and Karl Tirén's recording activities, see the web presentation.

* Information about what a Sameby is

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